Thank you Angeles City

I always wanted to serve the people of Angeles City as an elected public official. It was what my heart truly desired even at a very young age. I had three attempts to follow my heart's desire. My first was in 2001. I was very young back then since I was only aged 23. While … Continue reading Thank you Angeles City


Hear before you condemn Gilas

I refrained at first from commenting on the infamous brawl that took place during the basketball game between the Gilas Pilipinas and the Australian Boomers. I felt back then that it was not right for me to do so since I failed to watch the game. But I later felt compelled to air my views … Continue reading Hear before you condemn Gilas

I got married twice on July 16

It is not what you think It is not what you think. I did not commit Bigamy. By Bigamy, I am referring to the crime punishable with imprisonment for having a second marriage while the first still exists. For sure, I will never commit this or any other crime. Two significant events But there are … Continue reading I got married twice on July 16

Promise Fulfilled

When my father, Angelo “Sonny” C. Lopez, Jr., was still alive, he always talked to me about a place called Haduan. He did so whether we were speaking with each other privately at home or discussing some matters publicly on radio, both of which we loved doing together. Haduan is a place located in the … Continue reading Promise Fulfilled

Mission Accomplished

Several months after the death of my father, Angelo “Sonny” C. Lopez, Jr., something truly wonderful happened. On January 22, 2016, then CDC President (now DOTr Secretary) Arthur P. Tugade signed for the corporation a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) for the Haduan Water Supply Project in memory of my father. It was intended to provide … Continue reading Mission Accomplished

The Servant Leader (Third and Final Part)

In its succeeding Chapters titled respectively as The Head, Hands, Habits, and Conclusion, you will find even more of the useful if not valuable lessons on Servant Leadership. For ready reference, I am reproducing below some of these lessons, which I am certain will be worth reading even though a bit lengthy: The Head Servant … Continue reading The Servant Leader (Third and Final Part)

The Servant Leader (Second Part)

Self-Serving Leaders vs. Servant Leaders In its Chapter titled The Heart, the authors showed us how to easily spot the difference between Self-Serving Leaders and Servant Leaders. I am certain this was done purposely in order for us to have a clear if not a better understanding of what Servant Leadership means. Of course, having … Continue reading The Servant Leader (Second Part)

The Servant Leader (First Part)

I finally found a great book on leadership. Or shall I say, it actually found me. Why? Because it came to me as a gift for Christmas and for which I am truly grateful receiving it. Love at First Sight Upon seeing the title of the book after unwrapping it, I fell in love with … Continue reading The Servant Leader (First Part)

One year after Papa’s death

June 10, 2015 On the morning of June 10, 2015, I received a phone call from my mother that would forever change my life. Immediately after exchanging hellos, she relayed to me the heartbreaking news about my father. With her voice a bit shaky, she in our dialect softly said, Papa is already gone. Back … Continue reading One year after Papa’s death